How to set your Camera’s; Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO

In the last lesson we talked about aperture and how it controls the amount of light entering the camera and the depth of field. However, we need to stop for a moment and first understand how to change the aperture setting on our camera.

Camera Settings Key

Key describing some of the symbols in the table below

Camera Settings Aperture Shutter Speed ISO

From the table above you see the buttons you would use to change the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO settings on three different cameras. The modes; manual (M), aperture priority (Av), shutter priority (Tv), and program (P) are the preferred camera modes to allow the user a better method of controlling the exposure. We will learn about these camera modes in a future lesson.

The cameras in the above table were chosen to show a variety from first a DLSR (T6i), then a bridge camera (SX30IS), and finally a compact camera (SX100IS). The intention is to continue to update this table with additional camera models, please leave a note below of the specific camera model you are using and hopefully I can add it to the table.

You can view/download the camera manuals seen in the above table from the following google drive camera manuals folder.

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