March Theme Challenge – “Visualization”

For this month, March 2020, the theme challenge is “Visualization”.

When taking photographs, we consider composition but we also have to learn pre-visualization which is understanding how the image will look after we edit the photo. As an example with a landscape photo the dynamic range of a scene that we see with our eyes may not look the same on the screen of our camera, either the dark areas will appear too dark, the foreground, or the light areas will appear too light such as the sky.

As we gain experience, after shooting many images, we are able to pre-visualize in our mind what the image will look like. However, as we are learning we need some help and with today’s technology we can use our smart phone with a few editing apps to help before we get out our tripod and DSLR to take the final shot. Using your smart phone helps in two areas; composition and visualization. With this tool you will see better compositions but also what is possible as a final image created through quick editing on your smart phone.

When traveling it is not always possible to be in the right place at the right time. As an example let’s look at the following three images. I took an image with my iPhone 6Plus mid day at the Rose Blanche lighthouse, Image 1, in Newfoundland. As you can see the sky is not the most faltering.


Image 1: f/2.2, 1/2800, ISO 32, @29mm

Later that same day, about 40km away, in the Codroy Valley in Newfoundland I took a picture with my iPhone of the sunset sky, Image 2, which I knew would fit well with the lighthouse image I had taken earlier that day.


Image 2: f/2.2, 1/60, ISO 40, @29mm

I combined the mid day lighthouse image 1 with the sky image 2 and created a final image 3 which creates a much more appealing image. This is just another way to make use of your smart phone to create images you may not have originally thought about.


Image 3: Composite

Students are encouraged to develop their ability to tell a story or invoke an emotion, as well as how to plan and troubleshoot while creating their images. As such it’s important to not only create the image but to also include a “title”, and write a short paragraph about; how they came up with the idea, any interesting back ground that compelled them to make the image, and describe any techniques on how they overcame any obstacles. Tell us about how using your smart phone camera and apps helps you with your compositions and pre-visulization.

As always with our monthly theme challenges we try to seek out an instructional resource, below is a YouTube video link to help with some hints and ideas.

Visualization Photography instructional aid:
Landscape Photography on Phone first – Here’s Why: by Nigel Danson (9min 22sec)

An important part of improving your photography is practice, which is one aspect of the monthly theme challenge, in addition you have an opportunity to learn about different genres, techniques and tips.