Episode 4 – John Burnett, Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

Podcast Episode #4 – Oct 15, 2021

In this podcast interview we will be talking to John Burnett, a photographer based in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia.

You Can Learn Photography Podcast Episode 4 – John Burnett (mp3)
©John Burnett

For me, photography provides a creative outlet, a form of rejuvenating therapy, and a contemplative exercise. I love the outdoors and new places and I’ll often simply photograph the picturesque and interesting scenes in front of me. At the same time, I’m keen to make images that transcend time and place, evoke emotions or memories, or provoke a new thought. If I’ve made an image or written something that strikes a chord with you, then I am pleased.

I was an avid photographer in the 1970’s, but the hobby fell by the wayside with life’s obligations. I began photographing again late in 2003 with a purchase of one of the first consumer-priced DSLR’s.

Visit John and learn more at: jburnett.ca
You can also find John on social media at: flickr.com/photos/burnettjn

From your podcast app click on this link to the images which will automatically use your browser.

The Music snippets that you hear in the intro and outro of the podcast is from “upbeat-motivation-corporate” by M-Dewala on Pixabay Music.

2 thoughts on “Episode 4 – John Burnett, Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

  1. This was very helpful and so interesting. I felt the two of you were here in my kitchen. Very relaxing podcast and of course informative.


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