Episode 8 – Brian Merry, Banff Alberta

Podcast Episode #8 – Mar 15, 2022

In this podcast interview we will be talking to Brian Merry, a professional landscape and travel photographer, currently based in Banff, Alberta, teaching and leading photography seminars, workshops and tours in Canada, California, and Japan.

You Can Learn Photography Podcast – Episode 8 – Brian Merry (mp3)
Brian Merry ©Shelly Vandervelde

Brian Merry was born and raised in Nova Scotia exploring every corner of the Atlantic Canadian Provinces by air, land and sea. Brian started his self directed apprenticeship in outdoor photography in the late 1980s and began seriously exploring the natural world through his lens in 1990. Back then he was shooting a manual film SLR Camera learning with each picture taken and roll of film developed.

Between 1990-1997 Brian earned a Fish and Wildlife Technician diploma from Fleming College in Ontario followed with a BSc. with Honours in Biology from Acadia University. His honours thesis specialized in population genetics and wildlife management. During the 6 years at college and university Brian continued to passionately teach himself everything he could about photography.

While studying at Acadia University Brian concurrently worked as a lab instructor in the biology program during each of the four years during his honours degree, including the first year. teaching labs in “Introductory Biology” and facilitating the “Introductory to Genetics” labs while completing his degree and honours thesis. This was the beginning of Brian’s teaching experience.

After 7 years of self directed photography education, read between the lines, “trial and error!!”, and after finishing up a 4 year degree at Acadia University, Biran moved to Banff in the Canadian Rockies and began his professional landscape photography business in the summer. He has enjoyed a long career as a professional photographer thriving through numerous changes in the industry. We’re presently adjusting to the new normal in the wake of the Covid-19 global pandemic. But, the most dramatic shift in the “landscape” occurred when the photography World shifted from film to digital between 2001 and 2002, which was amazing to experience how quickly and completely that radical shift happened throughout the industry.

Brian was grateful that he had the courage to embrace professional grade digital cameras early on in the transition. That decisive move put him on the “front line of the digital revolution” as he adapted a thriving event photography business from a 100% film operation to a 100% digital operation that spanned the Canadian Rockies and employed 13 photographers seasonally, swiftly making this shift in less than a year.

Brian also began teaching and leading photography workshops and tours in 2006. His professional instructor experience from both Acadia University ,and later at Lakeland College in Vermillion, AB, has proven invaluable. This experience and training served him well while developing and delivering his own educational workshops and presentations featuring his outdoor photography from around the World.

Brian delivers landscape photography seminars, hosts and leads workshops and tours across Canada, in California and in Japan. He thoroughly enjoys teaching landscape photography workshops and leading tours. It is very rewarding to see the sparkle in his students’ eyes, and the realization in their faces in the moment when “they get it!”. Brian was so proud when BMerry Photography was Awarded the best unique tour company in Alberta in 2019 by the International Travel and Hospitality Awards.

For almost 30 years photography has been an integral part of Brian’s life. “I can’t imagine not being a photographer, Photography is part of who I am.”

You can follow Brian’s work and learn more at:
facebook groups Bmerry Photo Lanscapes
International landscape Photographers Association (ILPA)
Join the ILPA Event Insiders Email List

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The Music snippets that you hear in the intro and outro of the podcast is from “upbeat-motivation-corporate” by M-Dewala on Pixabay Music.

2 thoughts on “Episode 8 – Brian Merry, Banff Alberta

  1. An impressive biography- looks like you’re getting some really interesting people on here Trevor. I don’t always comment on your articles but I am consistently impressed with the quality and detail of your publications. Keep going my friend, you are leaving quite a legacy for yourself with all of the great work you are doing. 💞💞💞


    • Thanks so much I really appreciate the kind words, Also Thanks for taking the time to listen in and taking your time to comment.


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