Episode 13 – Shane Gross – Nanaimo, British Columbia

Podcast Episode #13 – Sep 15, 2022

In this podcast interview we will be talking to Shane Gross, a Canadian marine conservation photojournalist and Co-founder of the Canadian Conservation Photographers Collective currently based in Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

You Can Learn Photography Podcast Episode 13 with Shane Gross (mp3)

Shane’s childhood passion for sharks has grown into a love for everything that lives underwater. Telling long-form narratives about the ocean and human’s impact on her, both positive and negative, are what drive him. 

©Shane Gross

Shane’s Fun facts:

Shane is available for photography assignments, and speaking engagements. “I hope you’ll take the time to look at my images and read the stories behind them. Our oceans are in real trouble because of our collective actions. Let’s use our skills, talents and abilities to make real conservation change. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with anything. I want to help“. 

CBC News The National – Shane Gross Capturing humanity’s impact on ocean life (10 min 7 sec)

Shane’s latest book is available for purchase Bahamas Underwater

If you’d like to support Shane’s work directly via Patreon please click here. Thank you!

You can follow Shane’s work and learn more from the following links:
■ Website: shanegross.com
■ Instagram: @shanegrossphoto
■ Facebook: shanegrossphotography

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Shark Kids – Shane Gross a Marine Conservation Photographer (59 min 29 sec)

The Music snippets that you hear in the intro and outro of the podcast is from “upbeat-motivation-corporate” by M-Dewala on Pixabay Music.