April Theme Challenge – Signs of Spring

This month, April 2023, it’s pretty much open for any genre with the only criteria being that your image should represent for your local area a subject that identifies spring is happening. This should be a fun challenge and hopefully encourages you to get outdoors to practice your photography. Below you’ll find a few examples but not limited to what is out there for possible subjects.

Now that spring has begun you’ll see flowers and buds starting to show which can make for great subjects. The main things to consider are; plane of focus, depth of field, clean background, and watch out for over exposed highlights depending upon the available light. As with most of our photography consider composition to help your subject stand out as well as minimize distractions.

Wildlife will be more active including many species of birds as bird migration is also occurring during spring which provides great opportunities to photograph them. However, it’s important right now to be aware if avian influenza is prevalent in your area and if so you should take precautions to avoid direct contact especially if there is any bird feces in the area and to stay clear while making sure there is no contact with your foot wear because the avian influenza can transfer to your pets. It’s also not recommended to be feeding birds when there is recorded detection of the avian influenza. The best practice is to be informed, so here are a few links to help:

Avian Influenza – Wildlife Dashboard (Map+Data)
Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative
Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Avian Influenza Fact Sheet

In the spring time there are weather events that can provide opportunities. Capturing waves is just one possibility. Using a slower shutter speed allows us as photographers to show motion in our images such as using a panning technique to create interesting wave images or just use a fast shutter speed to freeze the action. Either way waves are a great subject to have fun with. If you are interested in finding out how to do intentional camera movement (ICM) you can find out more in our blog post September 2019 Theme Challenge on ICM.

As always with our monthly theme challenges we try to seek out additional instructional resources. Below are some YouTube video links to give you more hints and ideas.
10 Creative Spring Photography Ideas By: B&H Video (5min 14sec)
Spring Photography Ideas By: The School of Photography (16min 12sec)
7 Photo Ideas to Improve Your Spring Photography By: Nigel Danson (16min 50sec)

An important part of improving your photography is practice, which is one aspect of the monthly theme challenge in addition you have an opportunity to learn about different genres, techniques and tips.