Spring 2023 Instructor Led Workshops

Keep an eye out for the Chester Municipality “Explore Life” Spring 2023 program scheduled to be released April 13th, 2023. We are offering the following four (4) Photography in-person Workshops (click on the links below for detailed information):

Introduction to Digital Photography 101 Foundation ($100)
(6 weeks – Wednesday Evenings April 26, 2023 through May 31, 2023)
Introduction to Digital Photography 102 Techniques & Composition ($100)
(6 weeks – Wednesday Evenings Jun 7, 2023 through July 19, 2023)

Each Introduction to Digital Photography Workshop will be delivered via in-person interactive sessions at Forest Heights Community School over the six (6) week period plus three (3) in-person field trip sessions to provide more hands on for the participants.

Lightroom Classic for Photographers 101 Importing & Organization ($100)
(5 weeks Monday Evenings April 24th through May 29th, 2023)
Lightroom Classic for Photographers 102 Photo Editing ($125)
(6 weeks Monday Evenings Jun 5th through July 17th, 2023)

Each Lightroom Classic for Photographers Workshop will be delivered via in-person at Forest Heights Community School as well as simultaneously online via Zoom interactive sessions over the associated five (5) and six (6) week periods.

Podcast – The Beginning

You Can Learn Photography Podcast Introduction (mp3)

Coming Soon!

The You Can Learn Photography Podcast “Mission Statement” is to introduce photographers from Canada. Not just the well known, but the everyday hobbyist through to the professional who have a passion for photography and want to share their knowledge. We’ll talk about things like; getting to know who they are, what they care about, discuss some of their past work, what they’re currently doing, and what they wished they would have known in the beginning.

If your looking for more information and/or want to be on the podcast, see our podcasts page for more information.