Below are some links to external web sites and services that you may find helpful or of interest.

Adobe Lightroom
Photo Taco Podcast – Find out if you should upgrade to the latest version
The Lightroom Queen Blog
Lightroom Classic – What’s New
Lightroom Classic – What’s Been Fixed
Lightroom Classic – Troubleshooting & Help
Lightroom Classic – User Guide
Lightroom Classic – Tutorials
Lightroom Classic – Graphics processor (GPU) FAQ
Lightroom Classic – Blog
Adobe Lightroom YouTube Channel

Adobe Photoshop
Photo Taco Podcast – Find out if you should upgrade to the latest version
Photoshop – What’s New
Photoshop – What’s Been Fixed
Photoshop – Troubleshooting & Help
Photoshop – User Guide
Photoshop – Tutorials
Photoshop – Blog
Adobe Photoshop YouTube Channel

Adobe Creative Cloud
Adobe Behance LIve
Creative Cloud – User Guide
Creative Cloud Photography Plan – Common Questions
Adobe Portfolio – Help
Adobe Behance – Help
Adobe Creative Cloud YouTube Channel

Adobe MAX Conference
2022 Sessions
2021 Sessions
2020 Sessions
2019 Archive
2018 Archive
2017 Archive

Free Stuff
Adam Karnacz – Macro Photography Course 3 Modules
Adam Karnacz – Landscape Photography Masterclass 15 Modules
Adam Karnacz – Water Drop Photography Masterclass 9 Modules
Karl Taylor – Free Introduction To Photography 10 Modules no signup required
Don Joyce – Study Guide for the Canadian Drone Pilot Advanced Exam 31 Videos
Don Joyce – Study Guide for the Canadian Drone Pilot Basic Exam 15 Videos
Photzy – Free short Ebooks
Udemy – Free Photography & Video Courses
iPhone Photography School Free Stuff

Photo Challenges Lens Artists Photo Challenge Weekly
52Frames 2023 Weekly Photo Challenges
Digital Photography School Weekly Photo Challenge
Expert Photography 30 Day Photo Challenge
Expert Photography 365 Day Photo Challenge

Photo Labs
Atlantic Photo Supply
The Giclee Factory
Shutterfly Canada
Fujifilm Printlife
Vista Print
Walmart Photo Centre Canada

Tides – Blandford, Nova Scotia
Tides – Chester, Nova Scotia
Weather – Blandford, NS
Weather – Chester, NS
The Photographers Ephemeris – Still free but requires a Login
PhotoPills Academy
PhotoPills Calculators
PhotoPills Depth OF Field Calculator
Show Focus Points Lightroom Plugin
Color Wheel Color Theory

Favourite Podcasts (in no particular order)
Beyond The Lens – Richard Bernabe
Hands On Photography – Ant Pruitt
Photo Geek Weekly – Don Komarechka
F-Stop Collaborate and Listen Podcast – Matt Payne

List of Online Training Resources PDF (March 2018)
Best Podcasts for Photographers (PHLEARN Blog Aug 2019)
SVG Clipart – Public Domain (Free for personal or commercial use)
Background Music For Presentations by AShamaluevMusic
Google Free Fonts
Creative Fabrica Daily Free Font, Graphic, Craft
Creative Fabrica Free Fonts
FontBase Font Manager Free or Paid options

Camera Information
Northrup Photography – Free 1 hour How to Control Your Camera Videos
■ iPhone app Procam 7 ($11.99 cdn + tax)
Best Camera App for iPhone (2020) [ProCam 7]
Procam 7 Tutorials Web Page
Instagram @procamapp_tutorials
Camera PDF Manuals

Peter McKinnon – 5 Tips to Instantly Up Your Photo Game
Peter McKinnon – Take Better Photos With Your iPhone
iPhone Photography School – Learn iPhone Photography Playlist
iPhone Photography School – Make Ordinary Photos Look Spectacular Playlist
iPhone Photography School – Snapseed Tutorial Playlist
iPhone Photography School – 7 Hidden iPhone Camera Features That Every Photographer Should Use
Sakitech – iPhone 7 Plus Camera Tips, Tricks, Features and Full Tutorial

Magazines (Free)
PHOTO News Magazine
Henry’s – The Lens Magazine
Rangefinder Magazine
Jim Zuckerman – Photo Insights Magazine
SLR Photography Guide Magazine
Brent Mail – Photo Boot Camp Magazine
Living The Photo Artistic Life Magazine
Gallerie Magazine, Professional Photographers of Canada
Creative Light Magazine, Guild of Photographers – United Kingdom

Favourite Blogs
Kelly Brown – Newborn Posing
Matt Kloskowski – Photoshop & Lightroom
Julieanne Kost (Adobe) – Photoshop & Lightroom
Julieanne Kost – Photoshop & Lightroom
Digital Photography School – Weekly Photo Challenge
Jimmy McIntyre – Luminosity Masks
Brent Mail – Monthly Theme
Ian Norman and Diana Southern ( – Astrophotography

Favourite YouTube Playlists
Nigel Danson – 7 Photography Tip Series Play List
Aaron Nace (PHLEARN) 30 Days Of Photoshop Play List
Aaron Nace (PHLEARN) Lightroom Play List
Anthony Morganti Mastering Lightroom Play List
Photography Online

YouTube – Creating a Signature/Watermark
PiXimperfect – Turn Your Signature Into a Watermark in Photoshop
Matt Kloskowski – How To Make Your Own Photography Logo and Watermark
KelbyOne – Adding a Watermark in Lightroom Classic

YouTube – Printing
Simon Baxter – How and Why I Print My Photographs
Glyn Dewis – Perfect Printing: My Step By Step Workflow Part 1
Glyn Dewis – Do This and Your Print Problems are Solved Part 2
Glyn Dewis – Perfect Prints Free Guide & Free Creativity Pack
Thomas Heaton – Why Would Anybody Buy A Printer
Thomas Heaton – My Printing Workflow From Start to Finish
Jose Rodriguez – Everything About Photo Printing
Jose Rodriguez – Dye Inks vs Pigment Inks and How They Will Ultimately Fade
Robert Rodriguez Jr – Mat and Framing Tutorial

Some Favourite YouTube Channels (in no particular order)
Simon d’Entremont – Wildlife
The Photographic Eye – Art & History of Photography
Photography Online
Nigel Danson – Landscape Photography
Gavin Hoey – Take & Make Great Photography Play List
Jiggie Alejandrino – Lighting Tutorials
Thomas Heaton – Landscape Photography
Mads Peter Iversen – Landscape Photography
Adam Gibbs – Landscape Photography
Simon Baxter – Woodland Photography
First Man Photography – Landscape & Water Drop Photography
Nick Page – Landscape Photography
Mark Denney – Landscape Photography
Sean Tucker – Portrait
Frank Doorhof – Portrait
Glyn Dewis – Portrait & Photoshop
Matt Kloskowski – Photoshop & Lightroom
Julieanne Kost – Photoshop & Lightroom
Terry White – Photoshop & Lightroom
Nicole S. Young – Photoshop & Lightroom
Anthony Morganti – Photoshop & Lightroom
PHLEARN – Photoshop
PiXimperfect – Photoshop
f64 Academy – Photoshop
Rick Sammon

YouTube B&H
B&H Optic Conference 2022 Coming June 12-15 2022 In Person & Online
B&H Optic Conference 2021 Play List
B&H Optic Conference 2020 Play List
B&H Optic Conference 2019 Play List
B&H Optic Conference 2018 Play List
B&H Optic Conference 2017 Play List
B&H Optic Conference 2016 Play List

Youtube Computer Skills Course by Dane Hartman
Bits, Bytes, Kilobytes, Megabytes, Gigabytes, Terabytes – Apr 12, 2016
Parts of a Computer – Apr 13, 2016
Ports, Connectors, Cables – Apr 13, 2016
Displays and Monitors – Apr 13, 2016
Hard Drives and RAM – Apr 15, 2016
Operating Systems Overview – May 13, 2016
File Management, Part 1 – May 13, 2016
File Management, Part 2 – May 15, 2016
File Management, Part 3 – Jul 17, 2016
File Management, Part 4 – Jul 22, 2016