The You Can Learn Photography Podcast “Mission Statement” is to introduce photographers from Canada. Not just the well known, but the everyday hobbyist through to the professional who have a passion for photography and want to share their knowledge. We’ll talk about things like; getting to know who they are, what they care about, discuss some of their past work, what they’re currently doing, and what they wished they would have known in the beginning.

Are you a Canadian Photographer interested in being a guest on the podcast? The process is easy and we believe you’ll have fun doing the recording session. Click the above “Learn More” link and take a look at the information. Then contact us via email at youcanlearnphoto@gmail.com or by our contact page and we’ll respond as soon as possible to setup an agreeable date and time for the podcast recording session. We have a list of questions to ask that should make for interesting conversation.

You Can Learn Photography Podcast Episode #16 Robert McCuaig (mp3)

The intent is to publish the Podcast monthly as guests are available with the current available Podcast Episodes shown below:

~ 2023 ~
Episode #16 Mar 15, 2023 – Robert McCuaig – Hubbards, Nova Scotia
Episode #15 Jan 16, 2023 – Josée Talbot – Lotbinière, Québec
~ 2022 ~
Episode #14 Oct 15, 2022 – Guy LeBlanc – Memramcook, New Brunswick
Episode #13 Sep 15, 2022 – Shane Gross – Nanaimo, British Columbia
Episode #12 Jul 15, 2022 – Jason Dain – Halifax, Nova Scotia
Episode #11 Jun 15, 2022 – Tracy Munson – Hillsborough, New Brunswick
Episode #10 May 15, 2022 – Dennis Minty – Clarke’s Beach, Newfoundland
Episode #9 Apr 15, 2022 – Sara Harley – Bridgewater, Nova Scotia
Episode #8 Mar 15, 2022 – Brian Merry – Banff, Alberta
Episode #7 Feb 15, 2022 – Nancy Rose – Hubley, Nova Scotia
Episode #6 Jan 15, 2022 – Bob Pettipas – Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
~ 2021 ~
Episode #5 Nov 15, 2021 – Chris Stackhouse – Bayswater, Nova Scotia
Episode #4 Oct 15, 2021 – John Burnett – Bridgewater, Nova Scotia
Episode #3 Sep 15, 2021 – Ian Proctor – Halifax, Nova Scotia
Episode #2 Aug 14, 2021 – Kas Stone – Guysborough County, Nova Scotia
Episode #1 July 12, 2021 – Peter Zwicker – Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

… Coming Soon …
■ Episode #TBD – Becky Fleury – Winnipeg, Manitoba
■ Episode #TBD – Gary Brinton – Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
■ Episode #TBD – Anne McKinnell – British Columbia

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