Episode 6 – Bob Pettipas, Dartmouth Nova Scotia

Podcast Episode #6 – Jan 15, 2022

In this podcast interview we will be talking to Bob Pettipas, a photographer based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

You Can Learn Photography Podcast Episode 6 Bob Pettipas (mp3)
©Bob Pettipas

Bob is a photographer from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. He enjoys many genres of photography, such as; landscape, sunrise & sunset, night, long exposure, nature, and concert. Bob has been interested in photography for most of his life, and really started working on his photography skills since retirement about 6 years ago.

You can follow and/or interact with Bob on social media from the following links:

The following links are not affiliate links and we are not sponsored by Amazon or the manufacturer of thee products. The lens warmer mentioned during the podcast can be found on Amazon.ca CooWoo Lens Heater. A suitable USB Power Bank to power the lens warmer can also be found on Amazon.ca INIU Power Bank 10000mAh

Click to view/download the pdf of Bob’s Milky-way Tips.

Bob mentioned during our conversation he found the Mike Browne YouTube Channel to be very helpful.

From your podcast app click on this link to the images which will automatically use your browser.

The Music snippets that you hear in the intro and outro of the podcast is from “upbeat-motivation-corporate” by M-Dewala on Pixabay Music.

2 thoughts on “Episode 6 – Bob Pettipas, Dartmouth Nova Scotia

  1. Great interview. Being an older person who grew up listening to the Radio I found this interview very interesting, personal, informative and well put together. Thanks ken


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