Episode 10 – Dennis Minty – Clarke’s Beach, Newfoundland

Podcast Episode #10 – May 15, 2022

In this podcast interview we will be talking to Dennis Minty, a professional photographer, educator and author, currently based in Clarke’s Beach, Newfoundland/Labrador.

You Can Learn Photography Podcast Episode 10 – Dennis Minty (mp3)
©Dennis Minty

Through mindful and heartfelt photography, Dennis Minty wants to help others connect with nature to cultivate joy, wonder and respect for the world around us.

Dennis Minty has been making images since age 12, but he did not embrace photography as his main career until after a 30-year professional life as a wildlife biologist and environmental educator.
In this role, he designed, established and managed Salmonier Nature Park in Newfoundland, the province’s only wildlife rehabilitation facility and a premier nature education centre. His work in environmental education (EE), for which he received a Governor General’s Medal, included authoring three books, developing school curricula in both Canada and other countries and training teachers to incorporate EE into school learning.

After his career as a public servant and international consultant, Dennis turned to his life-long passion, photography, and made a new, successful career of it. “I think that everything we do in life can help shape our vision, ethics, skills and commitments. All of these are ingredients of image-making.” Dennis immerses himself in nature through photography. “The two are inseparable,” he says.
He strives to make his work quiet, contemplative, evocative and filled with light. “My goal in creating an image is, not simply to document, but to inspire an emotional response in the viewer that might echo what I feel when I am making the image.” His work has been called “soul-stirring”, “poetic”, “inspiring” and “profound”, and has been praised by people like Shelagh Rogers, Margaret Atwood and Freeman Patterson.

Besides making his own photographic images, Dennis loves to help others make their own and improve their photo skills. Informal teaching has always been part of his careers and now he uses this skill-set in photography.
Since 2002 Dennis Minty has been working with Adventure Canada as a naturalist and photographer in Atlantic Canada, the Arctic, Antarctica, New Zealand, Galapagos, Iceland, the Faores and Scotland.
In his work with Adventure Canada, he encourages people to see more creatively and capture images of the trip that will have a lasting emotional appeal. As well, he coaches folks on the fundamentals of photography. On shore, he continues the photography coaching, but also does nature interpretation, from marine mammals to seabirds to the botanical landscape of the Arctic. His goal is to deepen fellow travellers’ understanding of their destinations.

Currently, Dennis practices his photography by selling his work as fine art prints, publishing his work in various magazines and websites, leading small group photo tours and workshops predominantly in Newfoundland/Labrador and offering private photography lessons.
Dennis loves his home province, Newfoundland/Labrador and delights in sharing his knowledge and stories with fellow travelers. “To belong to a place is a gift. And I have
been blessed with a profound and abiding sense of belonging to this place on the eastern edge of the country.”

Besides his educational books, Dennis has authored six photographic books, his latest being, Slow Photography, Images with Intent.
In 2016 he was inducted into The Royal Canadian Geographical Society’s College of Fellows.
Dennis resides in Clarke’s Beach, Newfoundland with his wife, Antje Springmann, and various pets and farm critters that come and go through the years. He is very proud of his three grown-up children and seven grandchildren.

Dennis Minty’s latest book Slow Photography, Images with Intent was discussed on the podcast and can be purchased via payhip.com as an eBook in PDF format from the following link: Slow Photography, Images with Intent by Dennis Minty

You can follow Dennis’s work and learn more from the following links:
■ Website: mintynaturephotography.ca
■ Facebook: facebook.com/dennismintyphotography
■ Facebook: facebook.com/dennis.minty
■ Dennis Minty Prints: market.newfoundlandcanvas.com/dennisminty

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The Music snippets that you hear in the intro and outro of the podcast is from “upbeat-motivation-corporate” by M-Dewala on Pixabay Music.

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